Thursday, November 19, 2009


Dart Container Corporation
315 Evergreen Drive, North Aurora
(south of I-88 and west of Rt. 31)

24 hour drop off - bins are outside

Do you hate seeing Styrofoam coffee cups going to landfills? What about your foam packaging around the new laptop you just bought? Most residential curbside recycling programs do not allow #6 polystyrene, so now you can recycle foam at Dart Container Corp in North Aurora. This recycling plant now has a new machine that grinds the foam into small pieces and compresses it into a 20 pound block. The recycled plastic foam is used to make sun visors, rulers, egg cartons, lumber and other products.

Be aware of the following guidelines before dropping off # 6 polystyrene:
1. items must be relatively clean, so wipe clean your foam food packaging
2. separate packaging foam from food-service foam - there are different bins for each
3. only drop off food-service or packaging foam - no fire-retardant insulation or roofing materials
4. no packaging peanuts
5. to recycle foam, you must drop off to this location in Aurora -- it is not a part of your home/residential curbside services

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